Why you should care about partner status?

Salesforce Silver Partner

For decades, software publishers leveraged partner programs for their resellers, often with tiers based on size, performance or other criteria.

Some publishers managed complex programs involving training and certifications while others used it to recognize sales performance (and provide co-op marketing funds based on performance).
As a client hiring Demand Chain (or any other consulting firm), why should you care whether we’re a partner with Salesforce at all? What do you get from working with a partner – particularly one with a status above the “base” level?

Consider your car service for a moment. You’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in a vehicle (let’s ignore most of our first cars for our purposes here). Would you let just anyone start taking it apart? What if you wanted to boost its performance – would you trust your friend who “has a guy” to install a special chip and tinker with the engine, exhaust and other parts?

No Way!

What confidence could I have that he knows what he’s doing? What recourse would I have if it goes wrong? Would I have a void warranty?

So, you’ve invested in Salesforce… way bigger investment than your car. And, by the way, if things go badly, what are the consequences (to your company, job, career, reputation)?

Here’s where the value of partner programs comes into play. As anything other than a “registered” (base) partner, we’re required to have a certain number of various types of certifications across our team members. We’re required to have customer stories and a customer satisfaction score above a certain level. It’s not the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval,” but it’s a lot more like bringing your car to a dealership with ASE Certified technicians than your friend’s “guy.”

Yes, there are revenue requirements, too … but as any of our clients will attest, we DON’T push licenses for Salesforce technologies. As Salesforce customers, you do buy licenses … we believe our role is to maximize the value you get from the licenses you pay for, not to find more things for you to buy.

We’re a “Silver” partner … and our scores are public, as are our certifications. We’re a known quantity – that’s what you get from the partner program.
Finally – is “Gold” or “Platinum” better for you? It depends on the size of organization you want to work with, since many of the requirements are based on having a certain number of certified consultants. Bigger isn’t always better, but that’s for another time….


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