Don’t blame technology
It’s easy to blame technology for frustrations with your CRM – but in reality it is the business process and structure that is the culprit. With DCS Roadmap Alignment and business process management services we evaluate your specific business issues, and provide the clarity you need to succeed.

Align IT investments with business goals
At Demand Chain Systems one of our main goals is to help you create a program that enables business-IT stakeholder collaboration. We believe that creating a foundational roadmap supports strategy, analysis, and planning by providing stakeholders a blueprint of the current and future state of both the business and IT landscape.




Many Business and IT Executives are looking for ways to increase traction in connecting Information Technology to the business. Companies are experiencing a variety of demands on their businesses, such as visibility into customer demographics, reorganization, increased business processing, and a focus on reducing operating budgets. Businesses will soon be judged by how well they evolve the IT organization to better align with business strategy.

CRM is a business growth strategy deployed within a technology framework.
By using our holistic approach we can help you put the horse in front of the cart. When we know which capabilities need the most focus; we can help you customize your Salesforce instance and add-on applications to display the best objects and/or fields that would be most useful to your business needs. Our CRM Roadmap will spell out the objectives (specific business and technology initiatives) that are needed to achieve sustainable business success.