Sustain your CRM investment by encouraging user adoption
To see the value of your CRM your business has to use it – and use it well. Your Salesforce database, like your business, is an organic living thing and it has to be maintained. You must get all your users on board to see the value of CRM, and every department; sales, marketing, and service needs to use Salesforce consistently. At DCS we work hard to ease the load by structuring your Salesforce customizations unique to each department and role – this way sales only views objects and fields that sales needs, and subsequently are more likely to use the CRM.

Hold the right people responsible, accountable, and informed
A good, clear information governance framework will allow everyone to know what they are expected to get from a data source. Without this, information on customers, suppliers, products, sales and more will be held in a mish-mash of systems and tables by all major parties as each attempt to build a picture of how exactly your company is performing.

If you want to ensure lasting CRM success you need to be sure that you have a plan in place for change management and Salesforce Governance. Information governance is policy your company must adopt to ensure every one of your teams know their responsibilities. Without a clear-cut definition of who can look at or edit certain data you set yourself up for future problems about different aspects of the data you hold.

Build Business Agility with CRM Best Practices

  • Someone has to play CRM “traffic cop” and hold end users accountable.
  • Preserve data quality – be sure that required field are necessary and then complete.
  • Establish meaningful metrics.
  • Recognize that data quality is not a one-time event.
  • Develop a Data Governance Strategy.