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There are hundreds of free and paid apps on the Salesforce AppExchange so it is not surprising that finding the right one(s) to use can be overwhelming. Prior to implementation there are many steps to take to confirm the app will meet the business needs of your organization and perform as anticipated. As an admin working with limited resources I’ve tried more than my fair share of free apps, some of them received with less enthusiasm than others. Regarding free apps, these are the top three that I’ve come back to time and time again due to their effectiveness and minimal configuration to launch.

Field Trip

This app delivers the ability to report on fields within objects, including number of total records with field data, percentage of total records with field data, field type and more. For companies who have had Salesforce for a number of years or have gone through significant change and growth, as well as for admins being introduced to a new instance of Salesforce, Field Trip is a great tool to check out.

As Salesforce instances grow and change, hundreds of fields get created, minimally used and then either removed from the page layout or left out indefinitely. Cleaning up these unused fields not only helps an admin manage an object, it helps all users increase performance and report on the object by removing unnecessary visual clutter.

Coming into a new Salesforce Org can be overwhelming for an admin, especially in a mature company that may have had Salesforce for a number of years. Having Field Trip can save an admin significant time analyzing field data, giving them more time to focus on what’s being used most frequently and where the system can improve. Coming in at no cost for the app and minimal configuration, it’s an easy win!

Learn more about Field Trip from the App Exchange here.

 Mass Edit + Mass Update + Mass Delete

This app provides the ability to mass manage records via list view or related list. Aptly named, the tool gives the ability to mass edit multiple fields, mass update a single field or mass delete records.

With minimal configuration this app is super useful for quick data clean-up and manipulation projects. In the past, I’ve even given trained users temporary access to the Edit, Update and Delete buttons, giving them the ability to work through data projects on their own. This can also be useful for list view situations where inline editing is not an option.

An added bonus is that it is fairly straightforward to copy the code from the provided buttons and through changing the referenced object and fields, applying the same functionality to custom objects.

Learn more about Mass Edit + Mass Update + Mass Delete from the app exchange here.

 Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries

An open source tool launched by Salesforce MVP Andrew Fawcett, Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries gives users the ability to do roll-up summaries on lookup relationships, declaratively. By putting a declarative interface on this functionality, an admin no longer has to rely on Developer support to create these roll-ups.

It took some playing around to figure out how the tool worked, but after creating a couple of roll-up fields, it was a breeze. In addition to creating roll-up fields off look-up relationships, there are many other scenarios where this tool can close the gap. Since learning about the tool I’ve come across:

  • Where the roll-up field limit has been reached on an object with a master-detail relationship.
  • Where filtering of the records being rolled up is needed. A powerful feature is the ability to filter records via SOQL query. This has been useful in filtering based off relative date values (ex. last quarter, this year, last n days). Salesforce also provides a helpful document detailing Relative Date Values.
  • Where a dual master-detail relationship causes record visibility issues on objects with private sharing settings. By modifying one relationship to a look-up and rebuilding the roll-ups using Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries, getting the desired visibility was possible.

Get Latest Release Information for Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries here and learn more here.

Written by Kelly Armenta, CRM Administrator at Demand Chain

Kelly worked in the non-profit industry for six years prior to joining the Demand Chain team in June of 2015. Over the course of her professional experience, Kelly has developed a passion for improving the workplace with technology. She brings this passion to her role with Demand Chain as she provides system administration and development support to clients. 

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