Are you looking at your CRM from the right perspective?
Your business has multiple (and different) internal functions, from business planning to marketing, selling, servicing and more – Luckily there is a solution for everything. The problem is – that there is a solution for everything!

The point is sometimes there are too many solutions! Well, technically there are too many approaches disguised as solutions. At Demand Chain Systems we have built a methodology to help you discover what you should REALLY be focusing on.

The Solution you ask for may not always be the solution you NEED!
At Demand Chain Systems, we utilize a model-based framework to understand the objects and capabilities connecting your business’s eight core functions of Visioning, Planning, Targeting, Marketing, Selling, Servicing, Partnering, and Innovating. We believe that CRM, specifically Salesforce, has a very important role in each of these categories. Our approach helps you identify your maturity level in each of these categories and determine which areas you should spend most of your efforts.


Improve Performance With Meaningful Sustainable Results.
Demand Chain System’s proven holistic approach will enable the development and maintenance of cross-functional business clarity and alignment. This ability to gain performance insight and team consensus allows us to deliver high impact CRM deployments which are aligned with Roadmaps and selection efforts. We provide the working environment teams need to achieve difficult growth and productivity objectives, such as organic revenue growth and an always up-to-date CRM platform. We provide the capability structure, diagnostics, and best practice solutions teams need to drive continual growth and improvement.

A foundational structure does several things:

  • Makes it easier to work with complex technologies.
  • Ties together discrete objects/components into something more useful.
  • Simplifies an interface to a technology.
  • Reduces/eliminates repetitive tasks.
  • Creates iterative processes regardless of high level design considerations and application requirements.
  • Enforces the adherence to a consistent design / development approach.