Are you targeting the most valuable prospects and customers?
At its highest level, Salesforce is a database management tool that houses all the information (data) about your business contacts. Keep in mind that every business has more than one type of contact – at the very least you have customers, vendors, partners, and prospects. If your CRM is not structured in a way to clearly identify who – and – what type of contacts you have then you are not going to see the immense value of Salesforce.

With proper data architecture built upon a solid framework your business can compile data from customer negotiations, orders, and billing systems and merge them rapidly with external data (e.g., purchased demographic or lifestyle data) and Internet click stream (not necessarily sale-only) data.

All data is not created equal
Depending on your business and capability maturities some customer data is relevant as an asset to leverage relationship management. At Demand Chain Systems we build your data architecture around a proven model-based framework that is customized to your business capability and functional maturity levels.

Relevant Data will also vary based on the business function of the user – Marketing may want to know specifics of website clicks and traffic sources, while Executive Leadership may want to see a high level view (custom report) to validate budget spend on marketing automation or percentage of sales calls to closed/won opportunities.

Plan & Deploy Primary Functional Capabilities

  • Custom Reporting and Dashboards
  • Account Management workflows
  • Contact Management and contact Opt-Out Preferences
  • Opportunity Management
  • Pipeline Revenue Forecasting
  • Individual Activities
  • Create & Deploy Business Information Scope
  • Customer/Partner Account types
  • Marketing Templates
  • Quote/Order types
  • Service Resolution Types
  • Performance Forecast
  • Employee incentive
  • Territory Management
  • Loyalty/Satisfaction Driver