Case Study: Interton

Solution: Salesforce / CRM

How to use as a centralized database of customer information that serves the entire enterprise.

Interton has been designing, developing and producing state-of-the-art hearing systems for over 40 years. Headquartered in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, Interton has business partners in over 50 countries. Interton USA is based in Plymouth, Minn.

Interton needed a centralized customer database that could be accessed by sales, customer support, technical support, quality control and marketing. DCS deployed to the company’s national sales group and local support groups. Since users had a variety of different needs, DCS used’s Offline and Outlook editions to make access easy for any group that needs customer information. The benefits of DCS’s implementation include:

All departments in the company now have visibility to customer interactions with other departments, providing valuable information that once could only be captured individually.

A centralized database generates reports on support and technical issues, allowing the team to focus on frequently occurring issues and generating standard methods of support.’s Offline edition allows consistent data capturing of customer information and meeting notes, even when sales reps are not able to connect to the Internet.’s Outlook edition provides straight forward method of tracking email interactions with customers, as well as easy way of converting emails to a customer care or technical support case.

Interton’s QA department has a consistent way of capturing quality issues that need to be addressed/corrected and assigning them to the appropriate groups.

“We needed a centralized customer database which could be accessed by sales, customer support, technical support, quality control and marketing. And because our users are diverse, we needed a system that could be accessed in a variety of ways,” said Rachel Severson, Manager of Inside Services at Interton. “That sounds like a huge project, but DCS made it easy.”

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